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Press  and enjoy live soy sauce! 


Press and enjoy live soy sauce!

Soy sauce is something we eat on a daily basis. Today, Japanese Shōyu is one of the most well-known fermented foods in the world, but once upon a time, miso and soy sauce were made at home, and each family's had its own taste. Even now, the richness of time spent making things by hand and the sense of trust that comes with it are irreplaceable. Why not enjoy a little satisfaction by making something together with us?

About Us

Our soy sauce, made in the Shigasato district of Ayabe City, a rich rural landscape located near the Japan Sea coast in Kyoto Prefecture, is a traditional soy sauce produced through slow maturation. 
We do not use chemical additives of any kind.
Our products allow you to taste not only the pressed soy sauce, but also the wonderful by-product of the pressing process: moromi (a softly solidified mixture that undergoes fermentation and is then pressed to make soy sauce).
This moromi contains not only fiber from soybeans and wheat, but also countless types of enzymes, yeast, and lactic acid bacteria produced by the kōji mold during the fermentation process.
Imashibori Shōyu is made from moromi that has been aged in our soy sauce barrels without pasteurization, so that the beneficial microorganisms are delivered to the customer while still alive.
You can eat the moromi on its own, or use it to press fresh, raw soy sauce right at your dinner table.
These days, with the increase in imported and falsely labeled foods, it has become harder and harder to know where the food we eat actually comes from. As a result, there is growing interest in handmade alternatives, including for soy sauce, a product which supports our daily lives.
To cater to those who would like to try making their own soy sauce by hand, we created a new product, "Soy Sauce for Growing," that makes it easy to experience soy sauce making at home.

We hope you and your family will enjoy the fresh and flavorful taste of moromi found only in handmade products.

Our Commitment to the Traditional, Natural Brewing Method

Our soy sauce is made in the Shigasato district of Ayabe City, a rural area rich in nature. The pristine Yura River, home to ayu (sweetfish) flows through the center of Ayabe.
To make the kōji (a mixture of soybeans, wheat, and fungus that is the first step in soy sauce production), boiled domestically grown soybeans and coarsely ground, lightly roasted wheat are sprinkled with kōji mold (Aspergillus oryzae), which is then left to cultivate in the kōjimuro (a room for producing kōji) for three days. 
Once the mixture is completely covered in mold, coarse salt and water are added to make moromi (a softly solidified mixture that undergoes fermentation), which is then aged for two years to produce a traditional soy sauce.
We are committed to using only ingredients that are meant to be eaten, and do not add any preservatives, stabilizers, flavors, or chemical seasonings to our products.
Our mission is to deliver fresh, “live” soy sauce products to our customers.

Our Products


Imashibori Shōyu and Tabletop Press
(ready-to-press moromi soy sauce base)

Soy Sauce for Growing and Tabletop Press
(grow our own shōyu)

Soy Sauce for Eating
​(moromi in oil)

IKITERU  Shōyu(Extra Virgin Soy Sauce)
(soy sauce made from only the best part of the first pressing of the moromi - limited quantities available)

Company Profile

Imashibori Inc.
Address: 5 Konishi, Shinoda-cho, Ayabe, Kyoto 623-0351
Phone: 0773-21-6831

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  • Facebook - Black Circle
  • Twitterの - ブラックサークル

〒623-0351 Konisi-5, Shinodacho, Ayabe Shi, Kyoto Fu, 623-0351, Japan

☎︎ 0773-21-6831


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